Fright Night at Spookers

On Friday we made the last minute decision to hit Spookers, apparently the largest haunted attraction scream park in the Southern hemisphere. It was incredible, extremely scary but surprisingly great fun! Although I’m not sure I’d want to head back anytime soon! I was fairly apprehensive as the whole horror thing isn’t really my scene but they did an awesome job.

The experience starts before you even get there, driving through South Auckland in the black of night, before heading into the country along a dark, straight road. As you arrive you’re greeted by a half naked man, chest agape, blood oozing from his various wounds who then proceeds to push/drag/escort you to the main entrance where the conductor is a diminutive demon with a face caked in dry blood.


From there we headed into the Freaky Forest which was comfortably the scariest attraction. We were read our last rites by a large Maori woman who’s face had been literally unzipped before being sent on our way with only a torch for protection. We entered the forest through a low, dark tunnel, with cobwebs softly brushing our faces and drips creeping down our necks. The lack of light further accentuated our reliance on the other senses which just made the screams and whimpers of the people ahead drifting back through the otherwise eerie silence even worse. The first stop we came to seemed fairly innocuous, if a little disturbing, with two gruesome school girls sitting at desks muttering and moaning to each other. As we stumbled past them they leapt up and lumbered after us brandishing chainsaws. We were both very wary of running away as we had been warned that the actors would pursue us until we succumbed. It continued very much in this vein, periods of intense anticipation interrupted by moments of sheer, unadulterated fear.


Disturbia was an indoor maze inhabited by crazy clowns who found extreme glee in stealing my beanie and taunting me with it for the entire attraction, much to Jacqui’s amusement. Claustrophobia was a converted cargo container filled with what felt like a deflating bouncy castle and certainly lived up to it’s name. Both were slightly anticlimatic after the Freaky Forest but the Haunted House was excellent, I think Jacs highlight was one of the ghouls asking me for a dance because I looked like prince William!

Overall, Spookers had us terrified from start to end. Even though your mind tells you it’s all actors, props and a lot of fake blood, you cannot help but scream (some more than others in my case) when faced with two-headed newborns and angry nun zombies. As far as fear goes, it didn’t disappoint!

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One thought on “Fright Night at Spookers

  1. Jacs says:

    I think we all know who the strong one was here!

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