The Chariot

We finally have a car! After weeks spent waiting in the rain at bus stops and bumming lifts off friends, we are finally, finally mobile! Internet, meet The Chariot:

The Chariot

We found this “vintage” 1991 Mitsubishi Chariot on Gumtree for a mere NZ$1500. That’s about GBP750, or ZAR8300. And isn’t she a beaut?

Ok, so maybe it’s not the most attractive car in the world. And makes an odd whining noise when turning corners. And has a “check engine” light permanently on…

uh oh..

The two french dudes who sold us the car assured us that the light doesn’t mean anything, and they lived in the car for three months. Smells kinda funky in there.

But slight odour, warning lights and odd noises all just add to the character of the chariot, the point is it works, it’s ours, and it has a huge boot (we have already been invited skiing by people who want to put their junk in our trunk).

Best of all, if we run out of money at least we know we have somewhere to live.

vroom vroom

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2 thoughts on “The Chariot

  1. Captain Kirk says:

    Love this. Such a cheap car for such a classy duo.

  2. DodoHen says:

    It’s huge! And no dents yet!!!!

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