Look everyone, I made a pie!

Last week we had a couple of Australians over for dinner, Josh and his lovely wife Kat. This was very exciting because it means we now have friends. It was also a slightly stressful occasion. Stressful because, lovely as Kat is, she is also an amazing cook. How many students can you name who will casually dish you up a magnificint lamb shank, meat delicately falling from the bone, sauces making rivers in a bed of creamy mash? In my days as a student, you were lucky if you didn’t get paper plates. Luxury was wine that didn’t come in a box, or even worse, a plastic keg (Crackling anyone?)

So, delicious as her meal was, Kat set the standard high. When it was our turn to reciprocate, Hicks and I pored over recipe books, concidering things like mozerella, proscuito and rocket pesto bruschetta, or haloumi baked in vine leaves. But none of these exotic dishes were right. In the end, the answer was glaringly obvious: we would make a pie. Australians love pies! Shane Warne even loves them so much that he ate all of them, sending Australia in to a pie crisis. Or a piesis. Sorry.

So in honour of our new Aussie friends, we decided to make a steak, onion and red wine pie.

We got the recipe from the Donna Hay Seasons book, and this was the finished product:

Very amoosing

Apologies for low quality photography, I took it with my phone.

Long story short, the pie was delicious and everyone had a pleasant evening. Some might even have called it Moogical. Or Moognificent. I’ll stop now. This post is starting to be udderly ridiculous.

Pie for now



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